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WHS Boosters Club


Weston High School Boosters Club

Mission Statement: To support both the boys and girls athletics programs within Weston High School.

The school administration, Board of Education and Weston Boosters are committed to the concept that academic achievement and sports participation are vital to the development of healthy young adults. Student-athletes learn the importance of commitment, discipline, organization, tenacity, teamwork, and sportsmanship—values that remain with the student for a lifetime and are vital to the development of responsible and successful adults. The objective of the Boosters Club is to increase interest, loyalty, and participation by the entire Weston community in our children's athletic pursuits.

The Boosters organization provides awards and scholarships for our scholar-athletes on an annual basis. By becoming a member of the Weston High School Boosters Club you can be a very important part of continuing the Weston High School tradition of scholastic and athletic excellence.

The Boosters Club generates a significant portion of its funds from our annual membership drive. This membership drive is the single largest source of funds for the Boosters Club's projects.

A special thanks to the Weston Boosters Club for their dedication and commitment to the athletic program. Boosters contribute approximately $50,000 annually to the sports program at Weston High School.

Booster Club meetings are held every third Wednesday from 7:30 -9:00 pm either in the Weston High School Senior Lounge or via Zoom. To the right is a schedule for the 2021-22 school year.




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Wednesday, August 30* (7:45pm)*

Wednesday, September 20 - Virtual
Wednesday, October 18
Wednesday, November 15 - Virtual
Wednesday, December 23*

Wednesday, January 17 - Virtual
Monday, February 12*
Wednesday, March 20 - Virtual (7:45 pm)
Wednesday, April 10*
Wednesday, May 15 - Virtual
Wednesday, June 12*

*Not the third Wednesday of the month